Is this an accurate layout of your production process ? Are you prepared to handle digital information through all the phases of your process plant; conceptual study, external contracts, engineering, construction, commissioning, start-up, operations, upgrade and demobilization ? As a seamless, integrated and digital Life-Cycle Information (LCI) process ? Handling technical information according to ISO- and other standards ?
Digital Projects Consulting AS, DiPC, has accumulated 28 major energy projects experience in the period from 1977 to 2011, 34 years. 

Digital Projects Consulting AS, DiPC offers a Life-Cycle Information (LCI) toolbox with elements from:

EASE Concept for seamless LCI integration
Information Management - IM
Communication Management - CM
Stakeholder Management
Standardization according to ISO 15926
Specification for delivery of Life-Cycle Information (LCI) and Documents for Operations (DFO)

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A typical Energy Development Project Timeline of 24 years, using the DiPC EASE -  Engineering and Administrative Systems Environment, 3D concept:

- 1D: Who are the Stakeholders?
2D: What kind of information do they need ?
3D: When do they need the information ?

(m4v video, 1 min 48 sec):

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